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Best Live Casino Slot Machines

The world of online casinos is developing rapidly, replenishing with new games and changing the features of their conduct.

Thus, for maximum immersion in the atmosphere of excitement and money, users of numerous portals are offered the opportunity to play with the so-called live dealers. In this case, each player can observe the actions of the croupier and get a full sense of presence.

What Games Are Available in Live Version?

Of course, not all gambling involves the possibility of playing with a live dealer. For example, slots do not require the presence of a casino employee in any way.

However, if we talk about the classic board and card gambling, then almost all of them involve the possibility of playing with a real dealer.


Many players choose to play with live dealers in the hope that they will be able to calculate the current state of the deck and act on one strategy or another. However, the administration of such institutions has long provided this difference from playing with a computer.

Therefore, dealers cut halfway through, which completely deprives players of the opportunity to calculate the situation.

In addition, there are a few additional tricks. For example:

  • Before a new hand, part of the cards are demolished in the dark, which also prevents a clear calculation of the game
  • Blackjack with live dealers differs from the usual only by the presence of the appropriate atmosphere and the ability to communicate with employees and other visitors.


This game has always meant live communication between players. Therefore, the usual online game is often extremely boring and annoying. Having a chat and a live dealer allows you to not only bring the gameplay closer to reality, but also significantly revive it.


Many players agree that live roulette is not much different from a simple online game. The game does not involve special mathematical miscalculations, focusing only on luck, and the process itself is quite slow.

Despite the complete visualization of the process, there are no sensations and the courage that is experienced when playing in a land-based casino. Therefore, in this case, the main advantage—a nice picture and the possibility of live communication.

Casino Hold'em

This type of poker was invented specifically to play it in various online casinos. Therefore, it is quite difficult to compare the usual gameplay with the game at live dealers. In general, the main advantage of live games is the presence of chat and pleasant company in the form of a dealer.

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